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Chapter 2:

Setting: Twilight Town

As a roaring trolley made its last rounds around the town, a dark corridor opened up in an empty parking space of the Tram Common. The sun had descended down beyond the horizon of the afternoon and was already setting into twilight, painting the sky a tangelo orange with pale red-violet clouds. It was an unfamiliar view to the usual three that often visited Twilight Town. Hands still clenched to one another, the young organization members walked out of the appearing black portal.

"Wow... We must have taken longer than I thought." Roxas said in a disbelieving tone.

"I doubt that Axel will be waiting at the clock tower then…" There was sadness in his words as his eye lowered down.

"Yeah… But I am just glad that you are okay, Roxas." Xion replied, hoping to brighten her friend. Fortunately, her words had consoled him for it caused him to forget about the absent of their friend and he began chuckling softly.

There she goes again, worrying about me… I wonder, am I important to her -something…to protect?

"Hey! What's so funny?" Xion pouted as she nudged lightly at him.

"Just…something. ~" Roxas intentionally said in a manner that caused her to be curious.

"Well? What is it?"

"It's a secret…" Roxas whispered softly as he placed his right index figure in front of his lips, gesturing "Shhh…"

Xion gasped loudly then folded her arms. "Fine! Meanie…" She had puckered her lips and closed her eyes as she twisted her head away from Roxas.

Unable to hold in his laughter, Roxas released his boisterous laughs, resulting in pain in his sides. Xion soon joined in his laughter until their chuckle had subsided and the two once again gaze at one another, intensely looking into each others eyes. The sky gleamed in Xion's beautiful blue eyes, causing Roxas' cheeks to redden.

Ah… Her eyes are just so alluring...

"Hey, Roxas? Are you feeling well?" Xion asked, bringing Roxas back from his internal thoughts.

"Yeah… it's just, your eyes are very beautiful." Realizing his embarrassing statement, he began swaying his eyes back and forth nervously.

"Oh!" It was now Xion's turn to blush. She bowed her head as her chest began fluttering.

I'm having a strange sensation in my chest again…

"Uh… Let's hurry up to the stand before it closes!" Roxas said, desperate to avoid the awkward conversation.

"Y-yeah!" And with that, the two footsteps echoed throughout the streets.

As they carried on to the sweets stand, Roxas' leg suddenly buckled severely and he began collapsing, resulting in what would have been a collision to the ground. However, Xion had managed to support him back up, inches away from the concrete floor.

"Roxas!" Xion cried sharply as she turned towards him.

"Argh… Those Windstormers must have taken more out of me than I thought." He smiled dimly as he winced due to the pain.

"We should return to the castle and have you checked on!"

"I'm fine! I really want to eat ice cream with you… We have not done so lately, so let's return once we finish eating." Roxas pleaded sadly.

"But, ah…" Why does my chest ache when I hear him speak so sadly…? In truth…I wish to be with him as well, there are just so many things I want to talk to him about… Unable to deny his request, she smiled and nodded in agreement.

Gaining a second wind, Roxas managed to stand up and the two once again set foot towards the stand.


The elderly woman at the sweets stand was preparing to close for the night, sorting boxes back on the shelf when suddenly a young man's voice surprised her.

"Two sea salt ice cream, please."

She turned around to meet two adolescents dressed in similar black overalls and recognize one of them as a usual customer of hers.

"Certainly! You two sure have perfect timing, I was about to close the shop." She replied cheerfully as she reached into the freezer and took out two ice cream wrapped in a translucent sheet.

"That will be 40 munny then, dear." She then proceeded to give Roxas the two alice-blue popsicles.

Roxas reached into his pocket and took out four 10 munny coins for the lady.

"Here, Xion." Roxas said happily as he turned around and handed her one of the wrapped popsicles.

"Thank you." She smiled as she took the frozen treat from his hand. She could still feel the stinging cold sensation of the ice cream even with her gloves on.

"You two make a very lovely couple." The lady complimented wholeheartedly as she observed the interaction between the two customers in front of her. Hearing this, Roxas was puzzled by her statement.

"A…couple? What is a couple?" He questioned curiously, facing back to her. Xion was intrigued as well and the lady quickly received two sets of eager eyes.

"Well, isn't she your girlfriend?" The lady then pointed to Xion which startled her slightly.

"…She is a girl and she's my friend."

"No, no; a girlfriend is someone you like very much, or perhaps even love, dear."

Both Roxas and Xion was struck in their chest by a word that the lady had said, a word they were not truly familiar with; "love". Realizing that this was a great opportunity to ask the question that his friend, Axel, could not, he decided to ask the lady, a person with a heart.

"What does love…feel like?" Roxas asked, anxious for an answer. Xion was anxious as well for she held her breath when she heard Roxas asked the question.

"Well…" The lady paused for a moment, contemplating of how to describe "love" to her two curious customers. "Love is very complicated to explain for everyone has their own meaning of it… To me, love is something that drives us to do the most illogical things; we would even risk our very lives for it. But no matter what the price or consequences may be, we still fight to protect our love. 'Why?' you may ask, well…it is simply our very nature to. You see, love has no bounds for it is present in all worlds, even in worlds you never imagine for such a feeling to exist. Due to its boundlessness, it provides you with extraordinary strength to carry on the battle."

"Through all of the sourness that you've endure, you are rewarded with a delicious flavor. Like those sea salt ice creams, love is sweet as well. You can continue to smile and laugh as that person is by your side and a great sensation of vibrant warmth envelops your body as they embrace you in their arms that it feels as if you can not breathe. You feel as if you are safe and protected as they hold you, and in turn, you wish to protect them as well."

"Ah…" Roxas was registering every word that she had said, realizing that he does experience ever single aspects that she had described. Is it possible…that I love Xion then…?

Xion was deep in thought as well, studying the ground then suddenly looking up at her friend. As she observed the details of his back, her lips slowly mouthed "Roxas…"

"Well, it is time for me to close the shop and head home. You kids enjoy your ice cream and get home safely!" Her voice echoed into Xion's and Roxas' ears as the shops gate shut down in front of them.

"…Xion?" her name escaping his lips nervously.


"Let's head to the clock tower before our ice cream melt."


Roxas raised one of his hands, opening a corridor and the two step through it.
Chapter two of Defying The Natures of Nothing. I would appreciate it if I were to receive some feedback.
Jazzy-Sky Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2011
I really love the way you wrote it. Your style is very defined and natural. Some other writers try too hard and change the storyline completely, making it similar to certain books rather than the actual game or whatever they're basing it off of. The way you wrote it sounded like it actually happened in the game and the creators put it there, I have to say that this is the best kh related fanfiction I have ever read. The characters act perfectly and the description of the setting fits well. Please continue and best of luck.
DemonRawr Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2011
I am very glad that someone was able to acknowledge those aspects of my fan fiction! I did intend for it to be as realistic as possible, especially having the personality and dialogues of Roxas and Xion coincide with those of the game. In order to do so, I studied the various cut scenes of the game as well as the dialogues of the official 358/2 Days novel which highly influenced the format of my writing. I also wanted the reader to be able to vividly envision the scene, therefore I implanted descriptive imagery into the story. I am very grateful that you took your time to leave your feedback for I was doubtful that anyone was reading my fan fiction, none the less, enjoyed it.
Jazzy-Sky Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011
I enjoyed reading this. I was waiting for a good fanfiction (that actually made sense) to come along, I honestly felt tired and weary of them until I read yours. The cutscenes and the novel made a huge impact on how I viewed stories based on KH and I was pleased to finally see one where the writer truly focused on what actually happened in the game. Some of the other kh fanfictions seem to be sloppy or lazily done; the characters have completely different personalities and the storyline is pretty much just how the writer wishes they were the actual character to be with whoever they favor. I'm truly grateful that you wrote this, really.
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